What to Know about ItWorks! Global and YOU.

What it Takes to be a Distributor of It Works! Global Products

Being a Distributor under the ItWorks! Global marketing plan is nothing like what I expected; it is BETTER. It is like no other networking marketing company I have ever seen, not just because the products are superior to many others, and like their name says, they WORK, but because the compensation plan is lucrative is many ways, not just one, so you can really cater your business to how you want it to run, and dictate how far you want to go with it. And more importantly (to me, anyway), the support team is unparalleled. But more on that later.

There are different reasons for becoming a distributor, so you must first ask yourself one question: Why do I want to become a distributor of It Works! products? If you can answer ‘YES!’ to any of the following questions, then this is the business for you:

a. I want to make more money than I currently make.
b. I want to have a more flexible work schedule so I can spend more time _________________.
c. I want discounts on the products that I love and use regularly.
d. I want to get out of debt FOR GOOD.
e. I want to change my lifestyle to be more healthy, and these products get me on that track to improved health, and I want to share that increased health with others.
f. I want to work for a company who has a high moral fiber and promotes that in all it does.

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What is my financial obligation as a Distributor who wants to receive commissions?

To sign up as an ItWorks! Global Distributor who wants to receive commissions, there are a few obligations:

1. Purchase the Business Builder Kit, which costs $99 and includes 1 box of 4 wraps. You can use those wraps yourself, but they call it the Business Builder Kit because you can sell them to get your business going. You sell them for $25 each, and make $100, making your money back that you spent on the kit. You also get sales brochures, enrollment forms for new customers and new distributors, a company folder to keep your paperwork in, and more.

NOTE: There are other kits you can purchase to really build your business and save a huge amount of money instead of buying the wraps one box of wraps at a time. Though they are an investment, these business booming kits are highly profitable in return and save you a huge amount of money instead of buying the products one at a time.

For example, the Mini Booster Pack is $149, and you get 2 boxes of wraps (selling for $200), 1 box of facial wraps (selling for $80-$100 for all 4), 1 jar of Greens ($33 customer value) 1 Defining Gel ($45 customer value), and a bottle Fat Fighter ($23 customer value). Selling the body and facial wraps will bring you around $280, profiting you $130, and all that other stuff is free at that point for you to give away or use yourself.

2. Pay $20/month for personal It Works! Distributor website. As a Distributor, you pay for your own website, and access to all the “backdoor” information such as individual performance reports, training videos, product information sheets, order tracking information on every person in your downline, special products that only distributors get to order, your commission reports, and notification of all the “rewards” for product you have earned. The website will cost $20 a month, in addition to your purchases. You are NOT charged the website fee in your first month.

3. Distributors have a minimum product purchase requirement. In order to receive a commission check each month, you must order at least 80BV (Bonus Value) worth of products. Every product has a point value associated with it. Ordering the minimum amount, as close to 80BV as possible, comes to approximately $100US a month, plus shipping. Distributors often purchase more than that, because we sell wraps individually all the time. For example, the Skinny Pack (box of wraps, Fat Fighters, small bottle Defining Gel) is 80BV, and costs $109.

4. There is a $35 annual distributorship renewal fee each year following your enrollment date.

Mark Pentecost CEO

How can I make money as a Distributor?

There are a few different ways to make money, and it can be QUITE lucrative:

1. In your first month as a Distributor, if you enroll four (4) Loyal Customers, you will earn $120 worth of free product, which can be redeemed, for example, on two (2) boxes of wraps at $59 each. You can then turn around and sell those for $25 each, profiting you $200. For the entire time you are a Distributor, for every two (2) additional Loyal Customers you enroll, you earn Wrap Rewards, meaning you can purchase a box of wraps for only $25 instead of $59, and sell them at retail price.

2. Sell the wraps individually, like at wrap parties or randomly to people who want one. You double your money right there. As a distributor, you get a box of four (4) wraps for $59, and you sell them individually for $25, so you make your $59 back and an extra $40. Or use your Wrap Rewards, pay only $25 for a box, and sell them for $100, profiting $75.

3. Distributors earn commission off what every person you enroll orders. All Distributors will earn 10% commission on their first two levels and a 5% enroller bonus if you personally enrolled the person who placed the order. To earn commissions on additional levels, you must promote to a higher rank.

4. Distributors get bonuses for enrolling more Distributors or Loyal Customers. You advance, or promote, accordingly, and get bigger bonuses.

5. There are occasional contests that team leaders of higher rank in the company throw to motivate their downlines. These contests often have financial incentives.

Will there be anyone to help me as a new Distributor?

1. Q/A Forums: As I alluded to earlier, there is a HUGE system of support within the network of Distributors of all ranks within the company. There are several private groups on Facebook to which you will be invited, wherein you will have access to direct question/answer forums for any situation in which you might find yourself as a Distributor. I learn more about the products and the opportunities every single day thanks to this support team. We ALL want to see you be successful. This is an amazing company of people who CARE about seeing people succeed.

2. Conference Calls: We have several conference calls all week long where Distributors can listen in (the listeners are muted so the speakers can’t hear you, which is great if you have kids in the background!) and learn about recruiting customers; product training; hosting “wrap parties” and product presentations; and more.

3. Customer Service: Customer Service is available from 6:00a.m. – 9:00p.m. EST.

4. Team Leader/Sponsor: Your sponsor should make him/herself available to guide a new Distributor through the process as long as it takes for his/her Distributor to be successful, according to the goals the new Distributor laid out to the Sponsor.

As your personally-enrolled sponsor, it is my commitment to you to make your transition as a new It Works! Distributor as smooth as possible. We will discuss your personal goals together, your reasons for joining my team, and what it will take to help you realize your dreams. On my team, we dream big, we work together, and we realize those dreams as a team. I will help you achieve as little or as much as you set out to achieve.

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