It Works System!


Special System Pricing of $147.00!

$37 savings!


  • 1 box Ultimate Body Applicator™ (4 Applications)
  • 1 box It Works! Cleanse™ 4 Bottles (4 fl oz)
  • 1 jar Greens™ Berry (4.5 oz)
  • 1 bottle Ultimate ThermoFit™ (60 tablets)
  • 1 It Works! Blender Bottle (22 oz)

What’s more powerful than ONE of our amazing It Works! products? How about FOUR of our best products working together in a developed system to deliver even better results!

Get ready to experience “life-shaking” results with the It Works! System! It’s a system so simple we can explain it in three words: WRAP. REMOVE. REBOOT.

It’s a system so simple we can explain it in three words: WRAP. REMOVE. REBOOT.



  • Tighten, tone, and firm your body with That Crazy Wrap Thing™



remove-video-thumbnail-12. REMOVE: 2-4 DAYS EVERY MONTH

  • Reset and rebalance your system with It Works! Cleanse while you remove “bad” foods from your diet and replace with healthy foods





  • Fire up your metabolism to burn more calories and boost energy with Ultimate ThermoFit and Greens Berry†





Shake it all up with the It Works! Blender Bottle—included FREE with your It Works! System! The It Works! Blender Bottle features a divided pill container for your Ultimate ThermoFit, two detachable containers for your two scoops of Greens Berry, and a Blender Ball to mix your Greens and water. Just put on That Crazy Wrap Thing and you’ll be ready to WRAP. REMOVE. REBOOT. wherever you go!



Individual results can and will vary. It Works! cosmetic products are purely cosmetic in nature and do not claim to cure/treat/prevent any skin & hair related disorders. If you are allergic to any ingredients listed, or are under treatment or on medication for your skin, please consult with your physician prior to use.

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Skinny Wrap FAQ


The It Works! Wrap is a revolutionary body-contouring product designed to tighten, tone and firm a targeted area of your body. It’s a piece of non-woven cloth infused with a unique and powerful botanical formula that refreshes and renews the skin and may also help reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

body wraps WHERE CAN I USE IT?

The wrap can be applied to whichever area of your body you most want to target (chin, neck, arms, tummy, thighs, buttocks, hips, back, etc.) and should be worn for 45 minutes for maximum results.


The It Works! Wrap is composed of a unique, botanical formula that relies on a special combination of natural, plant-based ingredients that can help to tighten, tone and firm your skin. A list of ingredients for the It Works body wrap can be found here.


Results will vary based on your lifestyle. If you wrap and experience tighter and toner skin, it’s similar to the results you would experience from exercise — meaning, if you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue working out, your results will last indefinitely.

Otherwise, you can expect results to last for anywhere from 2-6 months, though results are not guaranteed and will vary by individual.


We don’t recommend using It Works wraps while you’re pregnant, but we carry a number of other products and supplements that are perfectly safe for pregnant and nursing women.


We don’t recommend engaging in any physical activity that will cause you to sweat while wearing the wrap as it will block your pores from absorbing the product.


Absolutely! You won’t necessarily see better results, but many of our customers sleep in the wrap.


We recommend wearing one wrap every 72 hours until you achieve your desired results.


The loyal customer program is specially designed for individuals who are committed to changing their health in a simple and affordable way. When you sign up to become a loyal customer, you agree to try at least one product a month for three consecutive months (no monthly minimum–you choose whatever you want).

In exchange, you get wholesale prices for life (saves 40%!), even if you decide to stop ordering products after your three months are up. If you want to go ahead and start ordering as a loyal customer now, watch the video below now to get step-by-step directions!


buy now button


Products are typically shipped in 1-3 business days from one of four U.S.-based distribution centers.


Check out more product FAQ here.


Feel free to give me a call or text at (403)-318-4082 or fill out the form below to shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as I possibly can.


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Now Available It Works Energy Drink!

WARNING: This is NOT a typical energy drink!!

In a Hurry?

Buy It Works Energy Drink & SAVE 40% here
or TOLL FREE 1-800-638-0372


It Works Energy is not like other Energy drinks. It is a healthy alternative to other commercial energy drinks and uses all natural sweeteners to be an energy sustainer! It is packed with enough B vitamins it could be labeled as a B Vitamin Energy Drink!


These B-group vitamins contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism, such as the build-up and break-down of carbohydrates and proteins and contribute to normal mental performance (pantothenic acid) and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue (niacin, pantothenic acid, B6, B12).
Moreover, B-group vitamins play a central role in the brain; they contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system.


Discover Energy and Bring It! Fusing together a full spectrum of phyto-nutrients, patent antioxidant-rich polyphenols, and packed with Vitamin B, Energy is NOT your typical energy drink! 

With our propriety energy blend, created specifically to support the body’s ability to sustain natural energy levels, the days of suffering from jittery effects caused by today’s leading energy drinks are over!

You’ll never want to reach for another energy drink again.



Nutrition Information

  • Proprietary Blend​
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Caffeine (100mg)
  • Prickly Pear
  • Blueberry Juice
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Gotu Kola Extract
  • Folic Acid


  • Carbonated Water
  • Fructose
  • Pear Juice Concentrate
  • Citric Acid
  • Natural Flavor
  • Niacinamide
  • D-Calcium
  • Pantothenate
  • Pyridoxine
  • Hydrochloride
  • Raspberry Juice Concentrate
  • Strawberry Juice Concentrate
  • Cherry Juice Concentrate
  • Quinine Hydrochloride
  • Cyanocobalamin


Blended with a proprietary formula

It Works energy is packed with natural stimulants free of the jittery effects caused by today’s leading energy drinks
A full spectrum of phytonutrients
Potent antioxidant-rich polyphenols
Packed with Vitamin B to support brain function
Proprietary Energy Blend Helps support the body’s ability to sustain natural energy levels
It Works! Energy Drink uses natural sugars derived from fruit juices which are low on the Glycemic Index.
This avoids the crash associated with traditional energy drinks due to their use of highly processed sugar. The result is a healthy, natural alternative that your body can use to provide you the extra energy you need without all the extra chemicals and processed sugars that can lead to health problems and excess weight gain.


If you’re feeling tired grab an It Works Energy and #BringIt




The glycemic index measures the impact individual foods have on blood sugar levels. It ranks foods against white bread or glucose by potential to raise blood glucose levels.


Low glycemic index, or so called good carbs, are high in fiber and not overly processed. They’re referred to as low glycemic index carbohydrates. The glucose from this type of carbohydrate is released at a slower rate. This means energy is released evenly over time, which keeps the body from experiencing an insulin spike. Sources of low glycemic index foods:Fruits Vegetables Whole grains Legumes

I have my It Works energy all natural alternative do you ??

$.55 a day for 9+ servings of Fruits & Veggies? Can it be true??

In a Hurry?
Buy It Works Greens on the GO & SAVE 40% here
or TOLL FREE 1-800-638-0372

greens on the go berry

Not eating all of the fruits and veggies that you should? Feeling sluggish and off balance? Want more energy to get through your day?

Help detoxify, alkalize and energize your body with every glass of Greens, now with an even better pH-balancing blend that includes an acidity-fighting combination of magnesium and potassium for even more alkalizing properties. New added probiotic support helps you better maintain that healthy balance by keeping your digestive system regular and toxins flowing out.

Alkalize, energize, and detoxify wherever you go with Greens on the Go. Fight acidity with a supercharged pH-balancing blend and maintain a healthy balance by keeping your digestive system regular through our

cutting-edge probiotic.


  • Detoxify, alkalize, and promote pH balance within the body

  • Acidity-fighting magnesium and potassium blend

  • Cutting-edge probiotic support for digestive health

  • 38 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods

  • 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables in every packet

  • Free radical-fighting antioxidants


Just mix, shake, and take your Greens

With 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables and a blend of 38 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods, Greens provides naturally occurring, bioavailable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and enzymes to give your already well-balanced diet a nutritional boost.

Greens on the Go gives you all of the energizing, detoxifying, and alkalizing benefits of Greens in a convenient packet you can take with you anywhere. With a blend of 38 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods that provides vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes, the nutrients found in Greens are at their highest naturally occurring, bioactive, bioavailable form to ensure maximum absorption by your body.

The natural blend of ingredients in Greens, including an acidity-fighting combination of magnesium and potassium, is designed to alkalize the body and restore pH balance. An unbalanced body can suffer severe and prolonged damage due to high acidity, making an acidic body more prone to sickness. With restored alkalinity, your body is better equipped to fight off sickness with improved immune system health and increased energy.

Raw fruits and vegetables are the best foods for combating acidity and restoring alkalinity in the body. Greens gives you the nutrients of 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables in every packet!

*All Ingredients Non GMO



Greens is the MOST cost effective way to get 9+ servings of fruits and veggies per day.

But Don’t take my word for it, let’s compare!


greens orange value

Compared with V8 Fusion. V8 gives 1 serving of fruits and vegetables per 8oz. A 46oz bottle goes for about $4.50 which equals about 6 servings per bottle. So that is about $.75 per serving (4.5/6=.75). Sounds good right? lets look closer. V8 is only 1 serving of F&V’s so you would have to have 9 servings during the day to equal the same amount found in the It Works Greens. 9 servings at $.75 equals $6.75 (9x.75=6.75) to get the same amount, in just 2 scoop’s of It Works Greens.

Lets look at It Works Greens. 60 servings per container at $33 per bottle. So that is $.55 (33/60=.55)per servings of the It’s Greens. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! each serving of It’s Greens contains 9+ servings of F&V’s. So to compare it to V8 we need to find out the cost for 1 serving of F&V’s. $.55 divided by 9 F&V’s equals $.06 per serving!



Authentic It Works Exfoliating Peel SAVE 40%

In a Hurry?
Buy It Works Exfoliating Peel & SAVE 40% here.
or TOLL FREE 1-800-638-0372

What is
It Works Exfoliating Peel?

  • Aloe Encapsulated Microbeads
  • Glyccolic Acid
  • Lactic Acid
  • Perfection Peptide 3 (Tri-peptide for skin renewal/ Cell turnover)
  • Boti9cal Fruit Acid (Pineapple, Papaya, Citrus, and MORE!)

What does
It Works Exfoliating Peel do?

  • Anti-Aging
  • Softer Skin
  • Smoother Skin
  • Brighter Skin (No More Age Spots!)
  • Clear Skin
  • Youthful Glow
  • Minimizes Pores



Promo It Works Exfoliating Peel

Boost your skin’s natural glow with the all new It Works Exfoliating peel.  Peel away excess oils, daily debris and the dead skin cells that clog your pores & age your face.

The It Works! Global Exfoliating Peel will be available to purchase for the Loyal Customer price of just $36.00
(retail price – $60.00)

Quick Tips about Exfoliating 

What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface, and has been used for many years to help maintain healthy skin.

Why is Exfoliation Important?

As we age, the process of cell regeneration slows down. This means that the body is slower to shed skin cells and generate new ones. When old skin cells start to pile up on the surface of the skin, it can leave skin looking dull, rough, and dry. Furthermore, the build-up of dead skin cells can result in excess oil and clogged pores, leading to blemishes and acne.

1. Your skin exfoliates naturally: When you’re younger, your skin will naturally renew itself about every 25 days. When you reach the age of 30, the process begins to slow down which can result in more pigmentation as well as a duller complexion.

2. The benefits are endless: With regular exfoliation comes great skin. Not only does it remove dead skin, it also reduces skin discoloration and pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Exfoliate in the morning: Your skin renews itself overnight, so exfoliate your skin in the morning to slough away any dead skin.

4. Don’t forget to remove your makeup: Before exfoliating, it is important to remember to take off any makeup and give your skin a proper cleanse. If you don’t, the exfoliant will not be able to give you the deep clean you are looking for.



I would love to hear your experience with our It Works products including the It Works exfoliating peel just leave your comments below!

My It Works Skinny Wraps Experience

The popularity of the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator has been on the rise remarkably over the past few years. The truth is, the product has been offering a lot of people a great and easy way to look sexy and younger, and looking at the feedback it is seeing at the moment, there is no doubt the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator is here to stay.

So what exactly is the It Works skinny wrap? How does it work and who can use it? Well am sure you have heard so many myths about this product, but this post will demystify all aspects of it just to make it easier for you and so many people out there to take full advantage of it.

What is the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator?

The It Works Skinny body wrap is simply a popular non-woven wrap that comes with a proven natural formula that is simply designed to tone, tighten, and firm the skin on which it is applied. The applicator is applied for just 45 minutes, and the results it delivers are simply exceptional. What’s more, the Applicator has a variety of uses and can be ideal for both men and women.

Although at first most people who use the skinny wrap accept it with a tinge of skepticism, the results that people have and continue to see, have made the Applicator one of the hottest products in the market. There are a lot of people who are seeing phenomenal results in a few days and these are all documented cases of the success the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator has seen in recent months.

How to use the It Works Body Applicator

The It Works Ultimate Body Applicator is based on a simple botanical formula that has been tested and proved to offer outstanding skin toning, firming, and tightening in a matter of days. You just buy it, wrap it and you will start seeing remarkable changes in your skin, and body in general. The following is a simple breakdown on how to use the product.

I.            Clean Your Skin Properly– The first step for those who want to use the It Works Skinny wraps is to clean the skin very well. Make sure that the place you intend to apply the product is dried off well and that there is no lotion as this can interfere with the effectiveness of the wraps.

II.            Read The Instructions Carefully–Before you do anything, it is absolutely crucial to read through the instructions that come with every box. Follow each step highlighted.

III.            Apply The Wraps One At A Time: In case there are a number of areas you are looking to apply the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator, it is important to deal with one area at a time. Sometimes people can be over excited with the prospect of seeing great results and this will only increase the margins for error. Remember to always apply the wraps one at a time while making sure that each application is as effective as possible.

IV.            Relax and Drink Lots Of Water: After you have applied the Wraps, you need to relax for a about an hour just to make sure that the product takes maximum effect. In addition to this, you are advised to drink lots of water in the next 72 hours after the application, as this would really help in getting even better results.


Why You Should Try the It Works Skinny Wraps

The It Works Skinny Wraps have a number of great benefits and even though there are a lot of people are using it, there are still many people out there who have no clue why the product is an ideal pick for anyone looking to get their sexy back. The following are some of the main reasons why you should consider trying out the It Works Skinny wraps.

·         Tested and Safe To Use: It is important to note that that the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator has been tested and is safe and fit for human use. The product has also been certified by relevant authorities and is completely natural.

·         It Has Worked For So Many People: Since it came into the market for the very first time, the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator has worked for so many people. Getting firm and tighter skin is not something most people accomplish easily, but the product makes it possible in a matter of days. Additionally, the feedback that the product has gotten from its users has been remarkable to say the very least.

·         It’s Priced VERY Well: On face value, a product that helps you tone up your skin these days might seem very expensive. However, the It Works Skinny wraps are very different. The product costs under $60 and considering the benefits it comes with, there is no doubt it is indeed great value for money. Besides, the low price makes it worth a try.

·         It is A Perfect Way To Look Young And Sexy: Toning up your skin and keeping it firm and sexy can be a daunting task. However, the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator makes it easier for you to tone up and look younger and sexy at all times. Moreover, the product is designed to give you quality results in a very short time frame. Therefore, you won’t have to wait so long or spend so much before you can regain your sexy and younger look.

·         It’s Perfect For Both Men And Women: Finally, it is imperative to note that the product is for both men and women. It doesn’t matter where you intend to apply it – whether it’s the neck, the butt, or the stomach, if you are a guy or a woman, it will just work fine. Additionally, the positive reviews that the product has amassed in recent years have been drawn from both men and women in equal measure.

The Don’ts When Using the It Works Body Applicator

Although the It works Skinny Wraps have reported outstanding success rates, it is still important to adhere to some best practices that will make it easier for you to get the best results. The following are some of the things that you need to avoid in order to get the best out of this product.

·         Don’t Eat Fatty Foods, Drink Alcohol Or Smoke: In order to get great results out of the Skinny Wraps you should avoid eating fatty foods. Additionally, avoid soft drinks, alcohol and smoking.

·         Don’t Apply Another Wrap Before 72 Hours Are Over: In principle, the It Works Body Wraps are meant to work for at least 72 hours. As such, you need to wait for at least three days before you apply another wrap. This will simply make sure that each wrap has maximum impact.

·         Don’t Shower Until At Least Six Hours Are Over: It is also important to avoid compromising the action of your wraps, especially during the early stages. With that said, it is advisable to avoid a shower for at least six hours so that the wraps can take full effect. As for women, also avoid applying the wraps during that time of the month.

·         Don’t Work Out Or Engage In Other Tiring Activities: In order for the It Works Body Wrap’s cream to take full effect, you have to be as relaxed as possible. In that case, avoid doing tiresome activities or working out during the first few hours after applications.

Where Can You Buy the It Works Skinny Wraps?

As you can see from the wide range of benefits highlighted above, the It Works Skinny Applicator is a great product to help you tone up your skin, make it firm, and look sexy regardless of how old you are. However, it’s absolutely important to make sure that you buy the right product. The following are some of the major places where you can buy it online:

·         The Official Site: It is highly advisable to buy your It Works Skinny Wraps from the official website just to make sure that indeed you are getting the genuine product.

. Through an Independent It Works Distributor: Find your local Independent Distributor to purchase individual wraps or products as you need them.

How to Avoid Scams When Buying the It Works Body Applicator

Although finding a genuine It Works Body Applicator is easy, there is still a huge number of scam websites that are claiming to sell the product only to rip off unsuspecting clients. Avoiding scams is easy and the following tips should help you.

·         Avoid unreasonably cheap products

·         Buy from the official site or Independent Distributors only.

·         Don’t over pay, the product is under $60

·         Get advice in case you are not sure where you can buy genuine wraps.

Bottom Line

The impact that the It Works Skinny Wraps have had in skin toning for most people is remarkable. The natural product offers a great opportunity for men and women to look younger and sexier and the success it has seen in this regard is indeed well documented. Besides, the wraps are very affordable and the results will be visible in a matter of a few days.


Are You Ready to Burn EXTRA Calories!!!


Burn 278 more calories a day with Ultimate ThermoFit!

If you’re looking to melt off the pounds, then it’s time to crank up the heat on your weight loss plan (literally) with Ultimate ThermoFit from It Works.


This exclusive dietary supplement uses a revolutionary ingredient made from red hot peppers called Capsimax® to elevate your body’s ability to burn more calories and control cravings. Best part is…..there’s NO JITTERS like other synthetic products!


With this special thermogenic ingredient, Ultimate ThermoFit helps you:

erhaps the most astounding statistic about this special ingredient—which can only be found in a handful of exclusive products throughout the world—is its calorie burning power.


Of course, exercise and a healthy diet are great ways to shape up and slim down. But most days, we’re too tired, too busy, or just plain don’t make our workouts a priority. Taking Ultimate ThermoFit up to three times a day can help offset your lack of workouts by helping you burn extra calories every day! How simple is that?


Want to really amp up your weight loss results? Imagine if you hit the gym and used Ultimate ThermoFit to burn bonus calories


Are There Any Side Effects?


Hot peppers are, well—spicy! And many formulations with other types of hot pepper blends than Capsimax® can cause upset stomach and uncomfortable digestion.


Fortunately, Ultimate ThermoFit is different. It uses a breakthrough micro-encapsulation technology to harness all the thermogenic, calorie-burning power of hot peppers, without oral or gastric irritation. We also added acai berry to the Ultimate ThermoFit, giving you anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating, and energizing benefits in each tablet.



Call me Toll Free: 1.800.638.0372 (Kirsten)


Inspiration Not Just Another Word

It Works Global is not just another business opportunity, I truly believe it is another word for inspiration.

You may not realize it, but joining a home business opportunity doesn’t just provide the means to quit your day job and have more time with friends and family. You my friend have unwillingly have become apart of something much more. A movement that not only provides its participants with the potential of both time and financial freedom, it allows us to become an inspiration to those around us. Our friends family and even strangers are touched by our actions in this industry. To understand inspiration a little you have to first know that we as entrepreneurs have become a driving force in what has changed millions of people lives around the globe.

inspiration revolution

When you made the choice to join a home based business you may have done so with the intention of making a little extra cash for your utilities, a car payment or dare I say your mortgage. Possibly your joining a home based business for the perks of working your own hours not having to answer to a BOSS to be limited to what someone else considers your worth. Whatever your reasons one thing is clear that you have opened your mind a world where anything is possible, you my friend have decided to create your own reality. {smiles}

You see most people cannot see past there current reality. They only believe it what they can see taste touch and hear, there is no MORE for them stuck in a reality where waking up to an alarm living check to check is there norm. It Works Global is a network marketing opportunity that provides a gateway of inspiration with the ability to share a world that isn’t limited and has the ability to open the minds of those who don’t believe in what they cannot see a world where time and financial freedom flourish where people live on love and not fear.

You my friend have been awakened!

I would like to invite you to a webcast that will help the process of inspiration in your life to flourish, its about 18 minutes long and by the end either you awaken or you don’t, but you owe it to yourself to commit a 18 minutes to find out. Don’t YOU?


It Works Wrapreneur!


What to Know about ItWorks! Global and YOU.

What it Takes to be a Distributor of It Works! Global Products

Being a Distributor under the ItWorks! Global marketing plan is nothing like what I expected; it is BETTER. It is like no other networking marketing company I have ever seen, not just because the products are superior to many others, and like their name says, they WORK, but because the compensation plan is lucrative is many ways, not just one, so you can really cater your business to how you want it to run, and dictate how far you want to go with it. And more importantly (to me, anyway), the support team is unparalleled. But more on that later.

There are different reasons for becoming a distributor, so you must first ask yourself one question: Why do I want to become a distributor of It Works! products? If you can answer ‘YES!’ to any of the following questions, then this is the business for you:

a. I want to make more money than I currently make.
b. I want to have a more flexible work schedule so I can spend more time _________________.
c. I want discounts on the products that I love and use regularly.
d. I want to get out of debt FOR GOOD.
e. I want to change my lifestyle to be more healthy, and these products get me on that track to improved health, and I want to share that increased health with others.
f. I want to work for a company who has a high moral fiber and promotes that in all it does.

ItWorks! Distributor sign up

What is my financial obligation as a Distributor who wants to receive commissions?

To sign up as an ItWorks! Global Distributor who wants to receive commissions, there are a few obligations:

1. Purchase the Business Builder Kit, which costs $99 and includes 1 box of 4 wraps. You can use those wraps yourself, but they call it the Business Builder Kit because you can sell them to get your business going. You sell them for $25 each, and make $100, making your money back that you spent on the kit. You also get sales brochures, enrollment forms for new customers and new distributors, a company folder to keep your paperwork in, and more.

NOTE: There are other kits you can purchase to really build your business and save a huge amount of money instead of buying the wraps one box of wraps at a time. Though they are an investment, these business booming kits are highly profitable in return and save you a huge amount of money instead of buying the products one at a time.

For example, the Mini Booster Pack is $149, and you get 2 boxes of wraps (selling for $200), 1 box of facial wraps (selling for $80-$100 for all 4), 1 jar of Greens ($33 customer value) 1 Defining Gel ($45 customer value), and a bottle Fat Fighter ($23 customer value). Selling the body and facial wraps will bring you around $280, profiting you $130, and all that other stuff is free at that point for you to give away or use yourself.

2. Pay $20/month for personal It Works! Distributor website. As a Distributor, you pay for your own website, and access to all the “backdoor” information such as individual performance reports, training videos, product information sheets, order tracking information on every person in your downline, special products that only distributors get to order, your commission reports, and notification of all the “rewards” for product you have earned. The website will cost $20 a month, in addition to your purchases. You are NOT charged the website fee in your first month.

3. Distributors have a minimum product purchase requirement. In order to receive a commission check each month, you must order at least 80BV (Bonus Value) worth of products. Every product has a point value associated with it. Ordering the minimum amount, as close to 80BV as possible, comes to approximately $100US a month, plus shipping. Distributors often purchase more than that, because we sell wraps individually all the time. For example, the Skinny Pack (box of wraps, Fat Fighters, small bottle Defining Gel) is 80BV, and costs $109.

4. There is a $35 annual distributorship renewal fee each year following your enrollment date.

Mark Pentecost CEO

How can I make money as a Distributor?

There are a few different ways to make money, and it can be QUITE lucrative:

1. In your first month as a Distributor, if you enroll four (4) Loyal Customers, you will earn $120 worth of free product, which can be redeemed, for example, on two (2) boxes of wraps at $59 each. You can then turn around and sell those for $25 each, profiting you $200. For the entire time you are a Distributor, for every two (2) additional Loyal Customers you enroll, you earn Wrap Rewards, meaning you can purchase a box of wraps for only $25 instead of $59, and sell them at retail price.

2. Sell the wraps individually, like at wrap parties or randomly to people who want one. You double your money right there. As a distributor, you get a box of four (4) wraps for $59, and you sell them individually for $25, so you make your $59 back and an extra $40. Or use your Wrap Rewards, pay only $25 for a box, and sell them for $100, profiting $75.

3. Distributors earn commission off what every person you enroll orders. All Distributors will earn 10% commission on their first two levels and a 5% enroller bonus if you personally enrolled the person who placed the order. To earn commissions on additional levels, you must promote to a higher rank.

4. Distributors get bonuses for enrolling more Distributors or Loyal Customers. You advance, or promote, accordingly, and get bigger bonuses.

5. There are occasional contests that team leaders of higher rank in the company throw to motivate their downlines. These contests often have financial incentives.

Will there be anyone to help me as a new Distributor?

1. Q/A Forums: As I alluded to earlier, there is a HUGE system of support within the network of Distributors of all ranks within the company. There are several private groups on Facebook to which you will be invited, wherein you will have access to direct question/answer forums for any situation in which you might find yourself as a Distributor. I learn more about the products and the opportunities every single day thanks to this support team. We ALL want to see you be successful. This is an amazing company of people who CARE about seeing people succeed.

2. Conference Calls: We have several conference calls all week long where Distributors can listen in (the listeners are muted so the speakers can’t hear you, which is great if you have kids in the background!) and learn about recruiting customers; product training; hosting “wrap parties” and product presentations; and more.

3. Customer Service: Customer Service is available from 6:00a.m. – 9:00p.m. EST.

4. Team Leader/Sponsor: Your sponsor should make him/herself available to guide a new Distributor through the process as long as it takes for his/her Distributor to be successful, according to the goals the new Distributor laid out to the Sponsor.

As your personally-enrolled sponsor, it is my commitment to you to make your transition as a new It Works! Distributor as smooth as possible. We will discuss your personal goals together, your reasons for joining my team, and what it will take to help you realize your dreams. On my team, we dream big, we work together, and we realize those dreams as a team. I will help you achieve as little or as much as you set out to achieve.

ItWorks! Distributor sign up