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Personality Color Type- Which one do you identify with?

There are 4 main types of personality colors most people identify with. There is usually a dominant color and then others that they fit into. Within each of these colors there is also a low functioning and a high functioning personality that can fit in. For the ease of keeping it a bit more simple, I will explain the 4 color types and give the positives and the negatives. Just understand that every negative side to each color can easily be changed into a positive!

Yellow- Amiable

  • We all need to get along-Let’s be friends
  • Occupations- Teachers, nurses, counsellors
  • Givers-Donates their time to help others
  • Likes to be a part of a team
  • Helper
  • Indecisive
  • Followers-often times feels guilty
  • Not $ motivated, do not show paychecks
  • Voice– soft and gentle
  • Dress– Casual and comfortable
  • Strengths– Dependable, team player, patient, supportive
  • Weakness – Over sensitive, follower, not goal oriented
  • Key Words – Team, together, relationship, family
  • Dislike – Pushy People, bullies, conflict

RED- Driven

  • Get out of my way
  • Attorneys, pilots, ceos, sales
  • Their way or the highway
  • Voice– forceful with volume
  • Dress- Dress for success
  • Strengths– Goal oriented, focused, intense
  • Weaknesses- ego, short tempered, dominating, impatient
  • Key words- Money, power, control, to the point
  • Dislikes- indecision, chit chat, losing control

Green- Analytical

  • Lets get the facts and figures
  • Accountants, engineer, research
  • Skeptical, always needing more information
  • Be specific when answering, don’t give approx. answers
  • Organized, neat
  • Voice– Soft and polite
  • Dress- Formal, conservative
  • Strengths– Organized, planner, persistent
  • Weaknesses- Hard to please, over analytical
  • Key words- Why, graphs, charts
  • Dislikes- Pushy people, no facts, lazy people, late

Blue- Expressive

  • Fun Fun Fun
  • Occupation in sales, public speaking, entertainment, big thinkers
  • Loves to tell stories to get point across
  • Initiates and leads
  • Talks with their hands
  • Risk taker, no regrets, motivated by money
  • Voice– loud and fast
  • Dress- Stylish, colorful
  • Strengths– convincing, enthusiastic, positive, high energy
  • Weaknesses- talk too much, poor follow up, unorganized
  • Key words- Fun, excitement, freedom
  • Dislikes- Not having fun, facts and figures, bored

There is always a high functioning and a low functioning of each personality. Sometimes you’ll find you have one or two that are dominant for you but resonate with all 4. Understanding yourself and those around you will really help you figure out how to navigate relationships and where people are coming from!

Personality Color Types- Red Blue Yellow Green- Which Color are you? – YouTube

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