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How to Develop Entrepreneurs and Their Business

Hi, my name is Kirsten Duncan and I, together with my husband Phil, own the Business Development Consultancy, Pendragon Solutions Ltd. We are multi-award-winning, small, family-run coaching and consulting company reaching a global client-base.

As a new mother myself, I reached out to Kirsten for some advice & help on the choice of products to keep my family safe.

Kirsten is extremely supportive of female entrepreneurs, particularly new mothers like myself! We discovered strong parallels between our businesses, as we often find ourselves working with them too, so Kirsten suggested it would be great if I wrote a little bit about what we do.

We are very proud of the work we do with women in business and have helped many. For example, we work with new mothers, deciding to stay at home and start a business, would like help understanding if their idea is viable, before investing time, effort and money into it. Others have a company just starting out and need help moving forward, identifying the correct client demographic, payments & pricing, their marketing plan or how to make the right connections. Other mothers have started businesses which are exploding and need support managing the demands of that growth including; outsourcing, staffing requirements and strategic planning.

Kirsten said she found this very interesting and felt it might not have occurred to many mothers that this support was available. Because Pendragon Solutions is a small, family run business ourselves, we get it. Our business consults are flexible, affordable and deliver creative ideas and practical solutions to help move our clients forward. We can work with them on-line if preferred or in fact, there have been many times when mothers have brought their children with them to the consult. The business consults can be as little as 1-hour in length, or as many as needed.

And for those mothers needing more flexibility, or prefer working at their own pace, we wrote an online course to help them titled “Practical Business Development Strategies for Small Business” on Udemy. It is also very affordable, broken down into manageable sections, but still offers a great deal of valuable information and guidance – perfect for busy mothers!

If you would like to learn more, please visit my website:

Here is the link to “Practical Business Development Strategies for Small Business” online course, where you can see the free preview:

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