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How to Find the Courage to Pursue Your Dreams Despite the Fear

Following your dreams is downright scary. If you truly think about it, relying on faith, yourself, and your vision without ANY actual proof you will be successful sounds crazier than I can even imagine. Why on earth would we ever try something without a guarantee of success? Why would we risk everything? It has to be because we know we are doing something incredible that can impact the world. The PURPOSE is clear. If someone is risking it all, but has no sense of purpose and doesn’t believe in that purpose, then I believe that’s when it fails.

If you believe in yourself and know in your heart you’re meant to do BIG things and have a huge impact on others and that’s your fuel, I believe God/Universe then goes out of its way to ensure your path is opened. It doesn’t mean everything will rush to you (although it can), but you’ll find a sense of calmness, drive, and desire to do the work.

When I was stuck in a dead end company, where morals were slipping and the purpose was forgotten, there were constant obstacles. I could never jump high enough for the hurdles. Sometimes there can be one or two road blocks to help you grow, but when its consistent and hard and you feel to your core that morals aren’t there, that’s a sure sign to go another direction. In this case, I was having to go in another direction and give up a very good income. Sometimes you need to give up the good to go all in on the great.

Some ways you will know for sure if it is worth going all in:

  1. You know in your heart your purpose is to serve others and having them feel incredible and successful is at the top of your list
  2. You know that if you don’t go for it, life won’t be the same.
  3. You trust yourself to stick to the vision even if times get tough. EVERY TIME someone commits to a new vision, there is an instant test. Be ready for it. Don’t think it’s a sign you’re not supposed to, think of it as a test of “how bad do you want it”

Take these tips and make a decision, go for what you want

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