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Detoxing: The Importance of Eliminating Toxins from Your Environment

Importance of detoxing

Every day we are exposed to a variety of environmental chemicals and toxins that can be absorbed into the body via eating, breathing, drinking and more! In addition, lifestyle choices sometimes include smoking, alcohol, junk food, and artificial sweetners- all increasing the toxic load onto our bodies

Who should detox?

Every body needs time to detox and cleanse the blood.  Toxic buildup often leads to headaches, allergies, infections, body odor, muscle and joint pain, flu like symptoms, digestive symptoms such as bloating, gas, and constipation.  Detoxification can allow many of these problems to disappear.  Even weightloss can be a result! Along with weightloss, you will feel more energy, less cloudy, and a positive state of health.

When should you detox?

For the most part, if we just listened to our bodies, we would know when something just isn’t right. If you feel any symptoms of *Low energy *Constipation or Diarrhea *Brain fog or unable to focus *Depression *Over weight/trouble losing weight *Trouble sleeping *Sexual dysfunction *Headaches *Sore or stiff *Skin problems *White or yellow tongue *Bad breath *Bloating *Cravings

How should you detox?

There are many ways that people detox, through juicing is a huge method that is popular by many of the biggest naturopaths in the world and many health experts such as Jason Vale.  Many times when starting a detox you will feel worse than ever! This is totally normal! There is so much leaving your system that you will feel worse before you feel better! Keep going! The results will far out weigh one or two days of headaches, chills, and any other symptoms you may feel.

The trouble with juicing for a detox is the time and money to get all of the fruits and vegetables needed, then the time to prep, the cost of the juicer, and the time to actually make 5-6 juices a day plus cleanup! It can really get out of control! There are some easier ways to juice.  There are often “Greens” powders you just put in water and can take multiple times per day! Doing all the same benefits and then some! Greens supplements can actually pack in more essential vitamins than actual fruits and vegetables themselves! One key factor you want to look for is that all the ingredients are organic. Alot of crops are sprayed with glyphosate and we want to avoid that.

Fasting is another way to help you detox, but this takes alot of will power and can sometimes lead you to being lightheaded and unable to do your responsibilities for the day.

Our liver is actually designed to do its job effectively, the problem is that we are overloading it with toxins. So, instead of all of these crazy fads that can harm your body, why not remove the toxins at the source.

Where do these toxins come from?

  • Food
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Laundry Products
  • Cookware
  • Plastics
  • Beauty Products
  • Coffee
  • Air freshners/Candles

These are the common ways we intox, but also easy ways to eliminate toxins to lighten the load on our liver! Drink lots of fresh water, eliminate where you can, and allow your body to do what it needs.

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