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These 9 Minutes Can Change Your Childs Life

There are 9 minutes in your child’s day that can completely change their life. It doesn’t take a lot from you, as their parent/caregiver, but it could have the biggest effect/impact on them!

These 9 minutes are broken into 3 segments of 3 min.

  • First 3 min of their day after they wake up
  • 3 min after they get home from school, pre school, or any activity they are at
  • Then 3 uninterrupted minutes at bed time

Giving this full undivided attention will have a profound effect. It actually enhances the 3 primary attachment touch points for your child. It truly becomes the three times they can feel grounded and connected to the safe and secure people in their life.

How you can enhance this is putting down your phone, getting on their level, or snuggling up for these few minutes. By just connecting with them for these 9 minutes a day it is going to make them feel like they truly have a place in this world!

So I challenge you to join me in prioritizing these 9 minutes a day to be present! There is always a project and work and mess to clean, but if we all do this we can truly connect and build up the next generation.

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