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How to deal with your childs overwhelming behavior?

If you think other parents have it together, or you see an influencer that seems to only feel calming love toward their children, you are mistaken. Everyone has these overwhelming feelings at times. After all, kids are kids. They can be overstimulated and act out and not a single child is perfect all the time. I mean if there was a child that was perfect, that would raise red flags for me to intervene and worry about this mental health when they’re older!

So, here is a quick acronym for you to use when this overwhelm comes over you!


Hungry Angry Lonely Tired.

Understanding that these 4 things are generally the triggers for children, will help you be at ease. All kids struggle to regulate their feelings and emotions. So the next time you feel overwhelmed, ask yourself if any of these needs are needing to be met. THEN fill that need first before you try to correct their behavior. 75% of the time it is going to take care of itself. This also goes for grown ups too haha

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