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Can Tracking your Menstrual Cycle help you be more Successful in Life and Business?

This is one of the most fascinating things I have learned. When I really began to watch and track, it is absolutely so true and completely does happen. The average monthly cycle is 28 days, so if your cycle is a bit longer or shorter, then just adjust the timelines by a day or two. That all being said, it also isn’t perfect to the day, so you might see some variance, but for the most part, the flow is so fascinating

Day 1-5 Menstrual Phase

  • Decrease in hormones such as estrogen and progesterone
  • Intuition increase, reflection increases, left and right brain communicate best, but energy might feel lower
  • This is the perfect time to reflect and really see what you want and need in life. Listen to your intuition and make plans for your future based on those instincts

Day 6-12 Follicular Phase

  • Surge in estrogen
  • Wonder Woman vibes
  • Learn faster
  • Increased Creativity
  • This is the perfect time to act on your instinct. You want to try new things because energy is high and you are likely to be successful. Perfect time to plan new projects.

Days 13-18 Ovulation Phase

  • Heightened communication- Perfect for collaboration
  • Work through challenges
  • Optomisitc and outgoing
  • This is the perfect time to keep your creativity flowing and communicate your needs and desires. Energy is still high and you will feel the most positive about what you are doing!

Days 19-28 Luteal Phase

  • Estrogen and Testosterone lower and progesterone increases.
  • Progesterone is the anti anxiety hormone and so this phase will feel more calming.
  • You will feel productive with an increase attention to details.
  • Task/goal oriented
  • Calm
  • This is the perfect time to tackle that to do list. Finish anything not done and prepare for the menstrual cycle to come. Go over all your goals and analyze them. It is the perfect time to do so since details are at the peak right now

This is such an interesting guide to help a woman navigate her way, successfully, through every month. The more aware we are of our bodies and how powerful we are, the more successful we can be. It will also make it easier to be successful as we use our knowledge to our advantage. If you’re fighting against your hormones and trying to be extremely productive during the wrong phase, you could burn out! Take the timelines as an example, and keep track of your own cycle to get it really close to what it actually is! Good luck! I did a video on this! Grab a pen and paper and take some notes!

Embracing your Monthly Cycle For Success – YouTube

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